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Step 5. Counseling

Counseling Services

Our team of counselors are committed to serving all current and prospective students in their personal growth and academic success at Taft College. Whether your goal is to obtain an Associate’s degree, transfer to a four-year college or university, or continue in your own professional development, our counselors will guide you in developing a plan to achieve your personal and vocational objectives.

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Counseling  Appointments

You can make an appointment in person at the Counseling Department in Student Services (1st Floor) or by phone at (661) 763-7748.

Please be on time to your appointment or scheduled workshop. You may also need to bring copies of your unofficial college and/or university transcripts or placement scores with you to determine course clearance or course placement.

Late Arrival Policy

As a courtesy to other students and our faculty and staff, we expect that students will be on time to counseling and workshop appointments. However, we do understand that unexpected events may arise. We will accept late attendees up to 15 minutes after a scheduled appointment. Arriving late to an appointment will reduce your appointment duration by the amount of time you are late. Students arriving 15 or more minutes late will be required to reschedule their appointment. It is best practice to check-in 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment or scheduled workshop.

No Show Policy

Please contact the Counseling Department at (661) 763-7748 in advance if you will be unable to attend your appointment or scheduled workshop. Our support staff is more than willing to reschedule or cancel an appointment given prior notice. If you do not attend a scheduled appointment or workshop, you will be marked as a No Show.

 What Can You See A Counselor For?

Some examples of what you can meet with a counselor for are as follows:

  • Choose a major
  • Develop a career plan
  • Develop or update your Comprehensive Education Plan
  • Academic & Progress Probation
  • Academic & Progress Disqualification
  • Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) contracts
  • Transferring into Taft College from other colleges and/or universities
  • Understanding which classes from other colleges and/or universities will transfer into Taft College
  • Transfer out of Taft College to other colleges and/or universities
  • Job Search/Internships
  • Career Paths
  • …and more!

We look forward to meeting with you soon!