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Hutchison Engineering Promise Program (HEPP)

Founded and funded in 2018 by Madalyn Hutchison and late husband Stanley, the Hutchison Engineering Promise Program was established to provide financial and academic support for students enrolled in the Taft College Engineering Program. The Engineering Program provides the foundational courses and skills for a student to transfer and complete upper division course work to achieve a B.S. degree in one of seven engineering disciplines: B.S. Engineering Science, B.S. Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, or Manufacturing Engineering, B.S. Electrical Engineering or B.S. Computer Engineering.


The program provides students with mentoring, a counseling/completion coach, tutoring, transfer assistance, and field trips, and is a last dollar program (any waivers/financial aid/scholarships are awarded first) covering remaining educational needs and costs for students while at Taft College including tuition, course material fees, and required books.


At all times, first focus in student selection is given to U.S. veterans, and/or spouses or children of deceased or disabled U.S. veterans. The donor’s preferences in order of importance for student selection are further ranked below:

    1. U.S. veterans, spouses and children of deceased or disabled U.S. veterans, attending Taft College in the engineering field, with priority given to students in an Energy Engineering field of studies.
    2. Taft, Maricopa or Kern County High School graduates attending Taft College engineering studies, with priority given to students majoring in Energy Engineering field of studies.
    3. U.S. veterans, and spouses and children of deceased or disabled U.S. Veterans will be given priority in any College of Study.

The “Scholarships” are available to incoming freshman, transfer students, or current students. Students must maintain a 2.5 Grade Point Average to remain in good standing and have demonstrated financial need.

How to apply

Applications are accepted once per year and are due by June 30th.
Apply today via the Online HEPP Program Application

Contact Information

Paul Blake

Engineering Professor

Darcy Bogle

Engineering Mentor

Terry Davis

Engineering Promise Coordinator and Mentor

Vicki Jacobi

Engineering Counselor/Completion Coach