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2023-2024 Fee Schedule


(All fees are subject to change without notice)

Enrollment Fee = $46 per unit (no maximum)
Credit by Exam Fee = $46 per unit (no maximum)
Class Audit Fee = $15 per unit
Nonresident Tuition Fees
(in addition to $46 per unit enrollment fee and credit by exam fee)
0 thru 14 units = $414 per unit
15 units or more = $6,210 per semester
International Student
Admissions application fee = $100
Student Representation Fee = $2 per semester
Textbook Rental Fees*
Rental fee w/paid ASO fee = Approximately 30% of the new book price
Associated Student Organization (ASO) Fee ** = $30 per year

Residence Hall Room & Board (includes 19 meals per week)


$3,490 per semester

(Board includes 19 meals per week)
Residence Hall Security Deposit = $150
Two in a lifetime = No charge
More than two (each) = $6.75 each
Rush Processing Fee


$8 per transcript
Enrollment Verification Fee

Two in a lifetime

= No charge

More than two (each)

= $4.00 each

Rush processing fee


$8 per verification


Returned Check Fee
Service charge per check = $18

* In order to participate in the textbook rental program, students must purchase an ASO Sticker and have a copy of their current schedule,
**Students purchasing an ASO sticker April 1st – July 31st each year will be given a $15 discount in order to participate in the textbook rental program during the summer term only.


Enrollment/Tuition Fee Refund Policy


Students are responsible for dropping the classes they no longer wish to attend. To be eligible for a refund of enrollment fees, a dropped class must have been dropped on or prior to the refund deadline for that particular class. Full-term classes will always have a fixed refund deadline published in the Schedule of Classes each semester. The refund deadline for any non-standard, part-of-term class is calculated at 10% of the class meeting days scheduled between the start and end dates for that particular class. For example, if a class is scheduled to meet twice a week for a total of 30 class meetings, the refund deadline would be the 3rd class meeting (10% of the 30 class meeting days). Once the drop has been processed, the student’s account will be automatically adjusted and a refund issued if necessary.