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Using TC-Stats

TC-Stats is the most powerful data analysis
application designed specifically for the iPad.

The user manual contains more than a dozen
videos showing step-by-step operation of
TC-Stats along with over 130 screen shots
with written step-by-step instructions.

Click the image to the left to purchase a copy of the manual in iBooks format, meaning you need an iPad with iBooks 2.0 or later loaded.

Note: TC-Stats v1.2 was submitted to the iTunes Store on January 14th, 2013. The current manual is for version 1.1. The new manual will be updated soon. If you purchase the manual for 1.1, you will get an auto-notification from Apple when the new manual is available. All functions in version 1.1 are still in 1.2. The new manual will address new functions/features.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Why TC-Stats?

  • Chapter 1: Transferring Data Files to TC-Stats
    • Allowable File Types
    • Importing Data
    • Removing Data Files From The Editor
      Removing Data Files From Your iPad
    • Dropbox Support
    • Wifi Support
    • Email /Open with TC-Stats
    • URL Support
  • Chapter 2: Summary Statistics
    • Data Preparation
    • Video: Setting Measurement Scales
    • Viewing Summary Statistics
    • Video: Summary Statistics
    • Exporting Summary Statistics
  • Chapter 3: Producing Graphs
    • Frequency Distribution Tables
    • Frequency Distribution Tables: Interval and Ratio Data
    • Frequency Distribution Tables: Nominal and Ordinal Data
    • Histograms
    • Box-And-Whisker Plots
    • Video: Box-And-Whisker Plots
    • Scatter Plots
    • Normal Plots
    • Video: Normal Plots
  • Chapter 4: One Variable Analysis
    • One-Sample T-Test
    • Video: One-Sample T-Test
    • Sign Test
    • Video: Sign Test
    • Z-Test for a Mean
    • Z-Test for a Proportion
    • Video: Z-Test for a Proportion
  • Chapter 5: Two Variable Analysis
    • Two-Sample T-Test
    • Wilcoxon Rank-Sum
    • Two-Sample Z-Test for Means
    • Two Sample Z-Test for Proportions
    • Odds Ratios
    • Video: Odds Ratio
    • F-Test
    • Video: F-Test
  • Chapter 6: Many Samples
    • One-Way ANOVA
    • Video: One-Way ANOVA
    • Kruskal-Wallis Test
    • Video: Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • Chapter 7: Categorical Data Analysis
    • Chi-Squared Goodness-of-Fit
    • Chi-Squared Test of Independence
    • Video: Chi-Squared Test of Independence
    • Chi-Squared Test of Independence (Manual Data Entry)
    • Video: Chi-Squared Test of Independence (Manual Data Entry)
  • Chapter 8: Probability Distributions
    • Binomial PDF and CDF
    • Normal Distribution
    • Inverse Normal
    • T-Distribution
    • F-Distribution
    • Chi-Squared Distribution
  • Chapter 9: Using the Editor
    • Non-Conforming Data
    • Manually Creating A Dataset
    • Adding a New Column
    • Video: Creating a New Data Set
    • Stacking and Unstacking Data
    • Video: Stacking Data
    • Data Coding
    • Filters