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Patient Information

Patients seeking dental hygiene services or an appointment can contact the clinic at 661-763-7706.

The Taft College Dental Hygiene program is a teaching and learning clinic.  Students perform all dental hygiene services and are overseen by licensed dental hygienists and dentists.  As a teaching clinic, appointments are longer and students appreciate the commitment of all patients.

The following services are provided:

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Exam


Cleanings and Root Planing Procedures

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Oral Health Education

Fluoride Treatment

Morning, afternoon, and evening appointments are available.  All ages welcome!

IMPORTANT:  All children must be accompanied by an adult.  Child care services are not available during clinic sessions.

Only patients whose case is suitable for teaching purposes are eligible for care in the Clinic.   Patients ineligible for treatment in the Clinic will be referred to a dental facility.


The following items must be met before acceptance as a patient in the Clinic:

  • Free from any medical or dental condition which would make treatment hazardous to patient or operator
  • Oral conditions are considered acceptable for student learning
  • Patient interest in learning preventive oral care
  • Patient cooperation in keeping clinic appointments on time
  • The Program Faculty reserves the right to refuse or discontinue treatment when  indicated.
  • Controlled blood pressure and within Am. Heart Assn. guidelines
  • Controlled blood glucose and within Am. Diabetes Assn guidelines